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我們所有人都想保持健康,而政府也在新的運動指南中說,告訴我們“多運動,少坐著”。但是,只有21%的成年人每周接受最少的運動才能獲得保護性的健康益處,舊金山州健康研究所所長Aaron Stanton說。












但是在過去,對於像我們這樣的普通人來說,這可能太昂貴了。 VR耳機的價格從550美元(Oculus Go)到800美元(HTC Vive)不等。某些頭戴式耳機附帶了壹些遊戲,但您需要單獨購買遊戲。您還需要壹臺好的PC。總成本約為2000-3000美元。




但是今天,我們提供了壹個新的VR Fitness解決方案,即適用於三星用戶的Thoth VR,起價為50英鎊,該解決方案基於三星手機和我們的軟件系統。易於使用,配有耳機和控制器,只需單擊.














我们所有人都想保持健康,而政府也在新的运动指南中说,告诉我们“多运动,少坐著”。但是,只有21%的成年人每周接受最少的运动才能获得保护性的健康益处,旧金山州健康研究所所长Aaron Stanton说。
























但是在过去,对于像我们这样的普通人来说,这可能太昂贵了。 VR耳机的价格从550美元(Oculus Go)到800美元(HTC Vive)不等。某些头戴式耳机附带了一些游戏,但您需要单独购买游戏。您还需要一台好的PC。总成本约为2000-3000美元。








但是今天,我们提供了一个新的VR Fitness解决方案,即适用于三星用户的Thoth VR,起价为50英镑,该解决方案基于三星手机和我们的软件系统。易于使用,配有耳机和控制器,只需单击.




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User Comment(This product has 942 customer reviews)

  • MLaverdiere ( 2020-07-11 05:16:46 )

    I use it to help my computer illiterate family members allthe time and no issue yet

  • amadi37 ( 2020-07-06 12:53:09 )

    In addition to what I stated above, what has made the program so helpful to me is that it does not limit it is use to having to have a certain OS to gain or receive access to or from another distant PC. I have been able to help my mother 125 miles away out of her various PC jams without having to make the trip up there every time that happens. It is an extremely useful application, and I highly recommend it to anyone searching for a good and reliable remote access program!

  • Vmedrano06 ( 2020-07-05 14:36:07 )

    Use it! It is cheap!

  • c.d ( 2020-07-03 18:05:00 )

    To access family computers to solve problems for them.That was a great product until I tried hidea remote I found by accident.One try and I loved it.Thank you so much for a great product.

  • edge ( 2020-07-03 01:26:29 )

    simply the best business PC remote control ap.use it to support families PCs from California to MA to Florida!

  • shoog ( 2020-07-03 01:13:39 )

    I needed something to help out my parents with their laptop - they have very basic skills and need help now and then.Using this program allows me to actually see what their problem / what they are trying to do.Also, I can clean up, fire off spyware programs and defrag while they are doing other things...once I get access.I can run my normal work and flip back to their screen when other things are needed.Saves on a lot of phone frustration.

  • twister411 ( 2020-06-28 18:20:38 )

    It could use a tiny bit of improvement, but even if they do not, it is a good program for companies which need to access distant computers.

  • alexandrribeir ( 2020-06-25 07:39:04 )

    Go elsewhere.Anydesk, radmin, litemanager, chrome remote desktop, rdp.

  • paulobenfica35 ( 2020-06-16 02:07:06 )

    Easy to use - and Cheap!

  • volcy ( 2020-06-07 18:53:01 )

    would reccommend hidea remote to anyone having difficulty.

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