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Minecraft Deluxe: 32GB fast-cache, enchance PC/Game perfomance, speed up most of 2D/3D softwares/games.
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Minecraft Deluxe: 32GB fast-cache, enchance PC/Game perfomance, speed up most of 2D/3D softwares/games.
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  • Item location: Oxford, United Kingdom
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  • Brand:Hideasoft
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  • 32GB RAM, 220% Speed
  • 40K Mods in one Sandbox
  • Play & Earn
  • 3870 Servers
  • $105.26 Game
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Minecraft Deluxe: 32GB RAM, 220% Speed, 400,000 Mods, 3870 Interesting Servers

Feel your Minecraft to be laggy and boring? Minecraft Deluxe includes following functions: 1) Through its embedded 32GB RAM, it significantly speeds up the Minecraft game experience, allowing players to create more magnificent scenes. 2) Through more than 200 dedicated lines, you can connect to any server without delay. You can connect to the official server at high speed or connect to more than 100,000 interesting MC servers around the world which you'd never tried. 3) with $100 starter credit, players can rent works/maps/mods from all over the world for own games, or rent out your own works/maps to obtain stable and continuous incomes, based upon patented ram cache-sandbox technology. Our granted patents include: WO2016115957A1 , US20160253093A1 ,104320448A , 205594612U , 104297814B

Minecraft Deluxe is developed by Hideasoft which founded by ex NASA and Oxford University data specialists. 


132GB RAM Hardware Boost: an average of 122% PC performance boost.

Mainly for Minecraft Java Edition and WIN10 Editions,which are always slow and laggy.

Above is a video showing the performance improvement of the Minecraft game before & after use.
Above is a video showing the performance improvement of a computer before & after use.

Easy Upgrade & Improve PC Performance: Depending on patented random caching technology, Minecraft Deluxe will completely change the cache system of your game, and even your entire PC. Our system intelligently learns and stores most used files and procedures in this ultra-high-speed cache system with 2GB DRAM cache (near instant access, with a latency of 0.1 ms) and a multi-channel DDR SLC NAND cache drive that works as a real external SSD (3GB/s). Your computer could then read cached data directly into the processor to avoid hard drive usage, considering that hard drive read-and-write speed is a key performance bottleneck.

 Exclusive Hardware Design, add 32GB Super-Fast RAM to Minecraft

PC performance will be boosted. International PCT patent

 Exclusive driver-level cache technology, speed up Minecraft!

Build multiple caching system and internet boost system

 Founded in University of Oxford, official endorsement from the University

The international PCT patent 


 240K Mods to choose: Make Your Minecraft Better with your $100 Starter Credit

Mods are important to Minecraft. And MC Deluxe market is a place where you can download and install mods in a minute. Buy purchasing MC Deluxe you will receive a $100 Starter Credit, with which you can get ~100 mods, or ~1000 maps/worlds. You can also upload your own maps/worlds, to get income while at the same time make contribution to the community. All your uploaded mods/maps/worlds will be put into a sandbox and then downloaded by buyers. Buyers can play with them, but will not be able to re-distribute them. This is licensed as an international PCT patent: By using Sandbox technology, all data shared/uploaded will be encrypted and contained in a secure sandbox. This sandbox works as an encrypted container, keeping wrapped digital results useble but not stealable. See how it helps your game:


 Creat much better worlds (40K mods, many many nice mods)

The international PCT patent

 120,000 Maps: Easy to use, click to install, all-in-one user interface.

The international PCT patent

16,180,000 Designs and 3d Models: import into Minecraft

With MC Deluxe, you can import any 3D design into your Minecraft world easily. Just select from the library, and then click import button.






3Monetize your play with MC Deluxe library: get paid from rent

All your game saves/maps/mods can be uploaded to the sandbox library, to be rented by other players worldwide. Usable, but not redistributable. Click and install. Everyone can now upload to get rental income.
Users can "borrow" the entire container while digital assets never leave the container. Files disappears automatically after expiration.

 Contribute Your Game Saves/Maps/Works, get points

International PCT patent, founded in University of Oxford. Most users get a rental income at $20-90 pcm. Which is not a big money, but still a very stable income.

We also provide an estimate service for your assets, for free. Such rental income estimate was calculated based on the big data including similar assets' prices and sale numbers, market needs etc. You can get an estimate before upload & list your items.



 Lend out works/files/resources through exclusively designed Sandboxes-on-cloud. will not be distributed without permission

The international PCT patent

4 Boost your connection to 3870 interesting servers, with over 200 VPN lines to speed up

A dedicated CloudPC & Internet Boost: The Minecraft Deluxe also improves PC speed through a dedicated embedded CloudPC, and an exclusive optimized VPN service that accelerates the Internet. The CloudPC provides hundreds of exclusive pre-installed cloud applications and games. Click and run almost every app you need on CloudPC! Now you can keep your local machine clean and light, keep your internet fast, save disk space, and at the same time, save money buying software and hardware.

Exclusive PC Work & Productivity Enhance System: Minecraft Deluxe provides a 'work share/borrow' platform to improve productivities. Any digital file can be borrowed for 7 days: 3D models, computer graphics, designs, templates, source codes, plugins... By using Sandbox technology, all data shared/uploaded to Minecraft Deluxe will be encrypted and contained in a secure sandbox. This sandbox works as an encrypted container, keeping wrapped digital results useble but not stealable.
Other users can "borrow" the entire container while digital assets never leave the container. Files disappears automatically after expiration (7 days).

Exclusive PC Smart Utilities: Minecraft Deluxe Smart Security and Antivirus, Minecraft Deluxe Privacy Protection Sandbox, Minecraft Deluxe Remote Desktop Control & Remote Video Monitoring, Minecraft Deluxe Folder & USB Security, 4 powerful add-on utilities, exclusive.





 Accelerators world wide, connect to servers you never experienced

Over 200 VPN lines. 

  Accelerators world wide, connect to servers you never experienced

Over 200 VPN lines.

5 Play expansion games on MC Deluxe cloud, includes 1000 play hour starter pack

You will receive 1000 cloud play hour pack when activate your MC Deluxe. And with this starter pack, you are able to play following games on cloud servers. 

Own Cloud, own realm, 15GB back up and sync space

Get 15GB back up & sync space for free, by adding your dropbox account. Your game saves will be back uped automatically, and can be syncronized between all your devices and MC Deluxe cloud.

Keep a history line for your Minecraft with MC Deluxe Note

Many people use Evernote nowadays, but Evernote is not free, and not safe enough. If you want a proper storage size (>10GB) or sync between multiple devices, then you have to purchase Evernote Premium which is $49 USD a year. And all data stores on Evernote's servers, which means it could be very dangerous to save passwords or credential secrets as a hacker may get your account password. Have you imagined of having your own Evernote server and store everything on your own cloud, encrypted? While CloudForce also has such functions too, you can set your own Dropbox or Google Drive as your own cloud note server, unlimited upload size, and sync to as many devices as you want. Which is also privte, and secure, using AES 256 End-to-end encryption, using your own password & keys, while all this part is open sourced. Unlike Evernote which is a public service that can be visited by anyone, your own cloud note will not have a web ddress to login, instead you use your own dropbox, and even the files in your dropbox are encrypted. Control what you wrote down. Support Dropbox, Owncloud, FTP, etc.


$100 Starter Pack: Minecraft Deluxe Cloud now has 20 million assets.


Minecraft Deluxe (Hideasoft) is founded by previous NASA software engineers and Oxford University data security specialists. 
Email us: (US office) / (EU office) / (Asia Office)

This is a demo video using Minecraft Deluxe to quickly complete the development of a tank battle game (based on the borrowing of digital results):



MC Deluxe 2020 New Edition: New Features and Improvements


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User Comment(This product has 2042 customer reviews)

  • Alan_1406681041 ( 2022-01-27 14:57:41 )

    Great Product, needs better installation manual.

  • Ben Denise ( 2022-01-27 03:29:09 )

    This is a great buy. Goes like a rocket - makes Windows 8.1 usable

  • K. Stitt ( 2022-01-25 08:33:04 )

    Great Performance, Amazing Upgrade! Highly recommended if you're a fan of technology.

  • Hardcore PC Gamer ( 2022-01-24 08:21:41 )


  • Terry Pierce ( 2022-01-24 07:29:29 )

    works great in dell 610

  • Rovi ( 2022-01-21 14:15:53 )

    I wanted to upgrade my macbook, i came across this, very reasonably priced. So much faster! So glad I did it.

  • Ian Cooper ( 2022-01-21 06:56:22 )

    Really fast just love it use it for gaming and programing and form what I can see there is no need for a different one

  • S Gibson ( 2022-01-20 20:46:53 )

    system now boots-up in 10-15 seconds, compared to 60-90 seconds before

  • DSLR Film Noob ( 2022-01-20 16:04:35 )

    Fast and not hard to install

  • Tobey ( 2022-01-20 14:00:50 )


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