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Faster Stick X2 Edition
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Faster Stick X2 Edition
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  • Brand:InfoTech
  • Weight:80gram
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Quick Introduction (i-RAM, SSD, CloudPC, VPN, 4 in 1. Patented): Depending on patented random caching technology, Faster Stick will completely change the cache system of your computer. Faster Stick intelligently learns and stores most used files and procedures in an ultra-high-speed cache system with 1GB DRAM cache disk (near instant access, with a latency of 0.1 ms) and a multi-channel 16GB DDR SLC NAND cache drive that works as a real external SSD (200M/s). Your computer could then read cached data directly into the processor to avoid hard drive usage, considering that hard drive read-and-write speed is a key performance bottleneck for modern-day computers.

The Faster Stick also improves PC speed through a dedicated embedded CloudPC, and an exclusive optimized VPN service that accelerates the Internet. The CloudPC provides 1024 G of cloud storage, hundreds of exclusive pre-installed cloud applications and games. Click and run almost every app you need on CloudPC! With the CloudPC and VPN, now you can keep your local machine clean and light, keep your internet fast, save disk space, and at the same time, save money buying software and hardware.


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One Invention, Four Technology, Eight Functions:


8GB–16GB ultra-fast cache SSD plus 1GB real Ramdisk:

The most important feature of the Faster Stick is that it breaks through the speed limit of normal hard drives. Hard drive read-and-write speed, at only 20M/s to 40M/s, is a key performance bottleneck for a computer. Hard drives actually cause the poor performance of old computers. The Faster Stick builds a high-speed cache system for your computer with a 1GB DRAM cache (1G/s) and a multi-channel 16GB DDR SLC NAND cache that works as an external RAID 0 SSD(200M/s). Based on customers' feedback, the Faster Stick not only makes computers significantly fast but also considerably reduces the noise and the temperature of laptops. Tests show that the loading time for Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop can be reduced by 80%. Furthermore, computers can smoothly play 1080pvideosafter installing the Faster Stick. Before acceleration, these computers could not even play 720p videos. Only a hardware upgrade can be considered a real upgrade.

CPU threads intelligent optimization:

Different from harmful computer overclocking, our hardware-level CPU threads intelligent optimization, maintains computers, and makes CPUs efficient under multi-task situations. It could identify the main process currently being used and allocate additional resources to the main process by adjusting the unimportant processes, such as the upgrading of antivirus software in the background. This process does not change the frequency of the CPU. Other technologies, such as Intel's Turbo Boost, feature thread frequency regulation and not optimization techniques.

A large storage space of 1TB is provided:

Generally, old computers are equipped with relatively small hard drives. After years of usage, the remaining space becomes insufficient, which can prove challenging. The Faster Stick is equipped with a 1TB cloud hard drive. Issues with small hard disk space are eliminated. The transmission speed can be as fast as 40MB/s. The device allows the transmission of a large amount of data with very minimal CPU space. Thus, users need not worry about the space for downloaded files.

Dedicated VPN services for internet boost:

The VPN increases network speed, allowing old computers to experience real broadband. Internet browsing and playing online games may have already become part of a computer users' life. However, old network cards and old computers cannot always provide users with the chance to enjoy high-speed optic fiber broadband. Thus, we offer our customers five-year network acceleration without any additional cost. Our offer includes server VPN service and prefetching of popular sites. It reduces network latency and optimizes Internet caching and node connection. Users can now enjoy fast Internet connection. Many server nodes are available, and the fastest node can be automatically selected for clients.


Maintenance stick offers a portable rescue system, allowing old computers to be easily repaired

Most old computers cannot run Win7 or Win8. To address this problem, we provide system installation guide chip on the Faster Stick. As long as the system ISO files of any OS are stored in the ISOs directory of the Faster Stick, they can be read and used at PC start up. the Faster Stick supports an unlimited number of OS. It is real multi-booting! When the user loads the Faster Stick, the system boots, and a selection menu appears. The user can then select an OS to boot and use. the Faster Stick also comes with a series of quick maintenance and reinstallation tools when users are forced to reinstall the system that has broken down. It also provides an emergency portable rescue system, including password recovery, system repair, disk repair, computer repair, and other start-up repair functions.

Safety stick, increased security, and encryption control are offered.

Many old computers do not have a fingerprint reader as a security measure. In this way, the Faster Stick effectively protects computers. It could provid control of every user and every file, such as print prohibition, clipboard prohibition,copy prohibition,running prohibition, account expiry date,IP whitelist,IP blacklist...etc.In case the device is lost, the administrator can track the IP address of the device, thereby tracking device.

Cloud application service: Thousands of applications and games can be enjoyed by users.

Similar to YouTube, YouApp allows users to use numerous apps and games. Users can simply click and run these applications because they are already installed in the CloudPC. Users can type the function name in the search bar, such as "edit PDF," "SciLab," or "Warcraft." The related apps and games will then appear for usage. Installation and purchase are not necessary because these applications are already installed in your CloudPC and areall open-sourced; users only have to search for and click their desired application. They can then use these applications immediately. We provide our users with more than 2000 YouApps (pciked up carefully by our software engineers), which they can access anywhere, even in net cafes and their offices.

Cloud computer service:

Users are provided with their own cloud office systems, cloud videos, and other aggregated resources in a CloudPC. The cloud office system is much more powerful than Google's online documentation, as it allows working online, editing documents, sending texts, faxing, remote application, and other functions. Searchable and downloadable cloud videos provide numerous resources for users. (Resources are provided by millions of third-party users. However, unauthorized resources will not be shown in the search results.) Searching for resources is much faster in the Faster Stick than in eMule, as the former only requires one click to download a source.



 3.Buyer Protection and 30 Day Free Trial (for this product)

Please check our buyer protection scheme at the bottom. We recommend PayPal (or credit card via paypal) as PayPal provides strong protection for buyers:

Return is accepted within 30 days after the buyer's receiving the item.
If this item is defective upon receipt, customer has up to 30 days from date of receipt for exchange of a new one.
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us for a prompt exchange or we will refund your payment.

Benchmark tools like crystal disk mark can be downloaded here:

4.About Delievery and About INFO TECH

If your address is within continental Europe, your order will be dispatched from Info Tech Europe office in Copenhagen, Denmark. Otherwise your order will be dispatched from the closest warehouse.

All orders will be delivered via express couriers, eg. UPS, DHL, or EMS H.K. Orders will be carefully packed and protected. Normally it will take 3-5 working days to be delivered.

InfoTech Company is an information technology research and manufacture company. The company has offices in Hong Kong and Copenhagen.

Our Hong Kong office runs our main factory in Hong Kong which produces PC accessories and 3C devices. We have implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each product can meet quality requirements of customers. Besides, all of our products have been strictly inspected before shipment. Our products have attained FCC, CE, QC certifications.

Our online e-commerce shopping mall, KMALL, is also managed by our Hong Kong headquarter. KMALL is ranked as one of TOP 10 e-commerce companies in Asia-Pacific regions. The key of our success is service. We have a highly efficient team to deal with inquiries from customers. We are experienced in selling goods to most of Europe nations and Anglo-speaking countries, and have a good reputation among clients. With 3 factories, we can provide a wide range of products. In fact, our main series now include 3C, PC, beauty tech and cache systems. Moreover, besides standard products, we also provide an extensive range of customization services in order to cater for your special orders.

Our European office is focused on enhancing the performance of computer systems, increasing the effectiveness and operation of storage systems. As a result computers using our solutions are faster, more reliable and longer lasting. Intently focused on these goals, we develop breakthrough technology solutions in response to the real-world problems of computer users. We offer solutions to slow boot speed, long application launch and data file access times and overall degradation of system performance.

Software Products: We create high-performance software that optimizes and maintains application performance and efficiency, extends equipment longevity to make technology, people and businesses more productive.

Hardware Products: Since we developed significant expertise on the Windows based file systems which have resulted in performance improvements on all of the modern storage systems within a computer. This has resulted in a series of hardware products including Speedycache, CloudPC, and Faster Stick etc.


5.News Coverage on KMALL


KMALL is the largest online retailer in Hong Kong, and is among the best online retailers in Asia-Pacific region.
KMALL has 2 million registrated users in Europe, China and Hong Kong.
According to a report from ChinaDaily and, KMALL ranks the 10th most popular online shopping sites in China.
Click to view our reputation:



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User Comment(This product has 62 customer reviews)

  • newage ( 2020-05-30 01:45:04 )

    Well worth waiting for this enhanced new version.

  • dalie ( 2020-05-26 18:57:52 )

    Super performance at a low price. I fitted this in a tired 5 year old Pc. The performance has been turbocharged.

  • Heapug ( 2020-05-26 14:00:23 )

    Everything just seems instant.

  • birksee ( 2014-05-04 18:42:06 )

    Just works. Very satisfactory.

  • scott5297 ( 2014-05-04 03:44:48 )

    Speedy, very speedy!

  • Roger J ( 2014-04-20 16:10:16 )

    You really could do with some help files that explain some of the jargon used though.

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